Who sounds like who comparisons – secular bands & Christian bands

Would like to share with you some bands that if you listen to on the secular side (non-Christian) that there are bands that sound similar on the Christian side. I myself love metal/hard rock/screamo/hardcore type music. Was a huge hairband freak of the ’80s, but have a ton of awesome bands on the Christian side as well. So here is a list of some Christian artists and who they sound like on the secular side:

  1. A Dream Too Late – Jimmy Eat World, All American Rejects
  2. Anberlin – Bloc Party
  3. Barlow Girl – Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Saving Jane
  4. Big Daddy Weave – Jon McLaughlin meets Big & Rich
  5. Building 429 – Life house, Vertical Horizon
  6. Casting Crowns – Edwin McCain
  7. David Crowder Band – Dave Matthews Band, Maroon 5
  8. Day of Fire – Seether, Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots
  9. Delirious – Coldplay
  10. Disciple – Three Days Grace, Hinder, Saosin
  11. Dizmas – As I Lay Dying, Evans Blue
  12. Family Force 5 – Beastie Boys
  13. Fireflight – Tsunami Bomb, Lacuna Coil, Damone
  14. FM Static – Blink 182
  15. Becoming The Archetype – Slipknot, Slayer
  16. Jonah 33 – Trapt, Seether
  17. Krystal Meyers – Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch
  18. Kutless – Nickelback, Trapt
  19. Leeland – Coldplay, U2
  20. Mae – Jimmy Eat World, Copeland
  21. P.O.D. – Mudvayne
  22. Pillar – Halifax, Disturbed, Crossfade
  23. Demon Hunter – Zao, the Agony Scene, Machine Head
  24. Hawk Nelson – Hellogoodbye, Blink 182, The Almost
  25. Underoath – Norma Jean, Botch, Atreyu
  26. Relient K – Fall Out Boy meets Beach Boys
  27. Project 86 – Rage, Queens of the Stone Age, The Offspring
  28. Stellar Kart – Good Charlotte, Blink 182, New Found Glory, Weezer
  29. The Supertones – Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  30. Decyfer Down – Three Days Grace, Daughtry
  31. Cross Movement – WuTang, Jurassic 5
  32. T-Bone – Juelz Santana, D4L, T.I.
  33. KJ-52 – Eminem, Fort Minor
  34. Soul P – Redman, Prodigy
  35. The Ambassador – Mims, Ludacris
  36. Flatfoot 56 – Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly
  37. Flyleaf – My Chemical Romance
  38. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster – Lovehatehero, He is Legend, Comeback Kid
  39. Mourning September – Fall Out Boy, Funeral for a Friend, Death Cab for Cutie
  40. Red – Third Eye Blind, Unwritten Law, Hurt
  41. tobyMac – Limp Bizkit, Kirk Franklin
  42. Nate Sallie – The Fray, Rob Thomas, Gavin DeGraw
  43. Jeremy Camp – Daughtry
  44. Thousand Foot Krutch – Korn, Trapt, Rage Against The Machine
  45. Third Day – Daughtry, The Wallflowers
  46. Run Kid Run – Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  47. Skillet – Crossfade, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Finger Eleven
  48. Starfield – Maroon 5, Driving East
  49. Salvador – Los Lonely Boys
  50. The Showdown – Korn, Metallica

These are some of the mainstream Christian artists out there today. Check them out. I will be having reviews of various ones as new stuff comes out by them or just some of my favorites. If you have a question about any of these, let me know by leaving me a comment and I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability.

December 2012 update: Check out the following websites for amazing Rock, Hardrock, Hip Hop and Power Praise – http://www.Christianrock.net http://www.ChristianHardrock.net and you can see from either or these to get to the other 2. These are all I listen to everyday. So many groups that sound like a lot of what’s been requested these past couple of years that it’d take a long time to document them all, so go check them out and you’re bound to find ones who sound like your favorite secular bands!


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  1. anonymous Says:

    I listen to most of the non secular bands that you listen and I decided to look up the Christian bands and I must say that they are actually pretty good. Thanks!

  2. pheonixwolfe Says:

    Very nice list. I’m glad you posted this. I’ll have to check some of them out. I know of a few of them, but most I’ve never heard of.

  3. Right now there is a 13 year old girl that I know and she’s on the verge to going into wicca. I know she likes alot of secular bands and that music is a huge influence. This has really hepled with finding music that she’ll actually listen to that’s Christian

    Thankyou. 🙂

  4. pheonixwolfe Says:

    wow…wicca can be extraordinarily dangerous. Best of luck with your friend! I’ll pray for her.

  5. pheonixwolfe Says:

    A very good friend of mine wrote another article on wordpress. Check out hunterhawke.wordpress.com/2009/03/25/choices. Your friend might find something there that will help her also. This guy here, pastorgrogan…he’ll definitely steer your friend in the right direction.

  6. As I Lay Dying, Zao, both christian bands.

  7. Have you heard of Paper Tongues? They are an amazing new band. I saw them on tour with Flyleaf. Check out their stuff:


  8. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Thanks man! I appreciate it and they are good. Take care!

  9. I used to listen to Pearl Jam, Nervana, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers before I was convicted to only listen to christian music. Do u know any christian bands that sound like any of these?

  10. pastorjgrogan Says:

    There’s a lot of great bands, several of the ones listed here on this page would be similar to the bands you used to listen to. Subseven, Red, Disciple, Stellar Kart, Hawk Nelson, Pillar, P.O.D., Day of Fire and so many others. I pray this is a help to you and let me know what you think! Have a Happy New Year!

  11. Thanks, that helped a lot! I really liked pillar, subseven, and day of fire. It helps to have alternatives to what the world gives.

  12. annonymous Says:

    These are great..

  13. Do you know of any Christian bands that sound like cradle of filth?

  14. pastorjgrogan Says:

    I’m a huge metal freak myself and Christian metal is right there with secular metal as far as hard hitting riffs and head banging beats. Check into Becoming the Archetype, Demon Hunter, Living Sacrifice, As I Lay Dying are a few examples of great metal bands that would have similar sounds to Cradle of Filth. Hope this helps and let me know what yuo think. Thanks!

  15. Granger Says:

    Tenth Avenue North – The Fray & Lifehouse
    Francesca Battistelli – P!nk & Katy Perry
    Kutless – Shinedown & Switchfoot & 3 Doors Down
    NeedToBreathe – Kings Of Leon

    I used to listen to groups like Linkin Park, Green Day, Nickelback, & 3 Doors Down. I like the sound, not the lyrics so do you have any that sound like them in music and voices? If I think of any that sound like anyone else on the secular side i’ll post again. Thanks for all these you have listed, they helped me build my Christian library enormously. I just started listening to Christian music recently.

  16. Granger Says:

    Casting Crowns – Papa Roach, 3 Doors Down

  17. Granger Says:

    TobyMac – Black Eyed Peas

  18. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet, Day of Fire are a few of my favorites who have similar sounds to those you were mentioning. Hawk Nelson is good, Red, Disciple, Flatfoot 56 are some others I’d suggest. I’m big into Demon Hunter and Living Sacrifice they are a lot harder but still excellent.

  19. CameronE Says:

    Srry but Zao is a christian band

  20. CameronE Says:

    and norma jean

  21. frank Says:

    is ok to listen to avenged sevenfold

  22. frank Says:

    is it ok to listen to avenged sevenfold?

  23. jjgirl Says:

    Hey i’ve been looking for a LONG time for some christian bands that sound somewhat like owlcity… Got any ideas?

  24. Loyd R. Granger Says:

    I have found a local station that I am finding to my likeing so when I hear someone who sounds like a secular artist I will report.

  25. pastorjgrogan Says:

    You are in luck, Owl City’s actually a Christian artist! As far as others that have similar sounds, John Reubin, Reliant K are a couple. Go check out Interlinc’s website, they have tons of Christian music & the comparison charts.

  26. Hi I’m new to Christian Rock. Really into Indie and I’ve come across Future of Foresrty and their great but some of the lyrics are just about love & positive topics which is cool but to me is just like any other indie rock song. looking for christian indie rock with strictly Jesus worship centered lyrics but with that indie sound. any ideas? thanks

  27. pastorjgrogan Says:

    I would visit Interlinc’s website, they have listings of all the bands basically out there and you could search I’m pretty sure for style and should be able to find Indie. I’ll do some looking too and if I come across any, will let you know. Thanks!

  28. coolnegative Says:

    good info, but some of the “secular” comparison groups, WERE Christian mainstream groups such as “the Fray.”

  29. the almost, as i lay dying, and norma jean are christian bands…. just though id throw that out there

  30. Rachael Snyder Says:

    This is a very handy list; however, as previously mentioned, some of the bands listed as secular are really Christian (as far as I know).

    As I Lay Dying
    The Almost (a side project by a member of Underoath)
    Norma Jean
    He is Legend

    As far as I know, these bands are Christian or have at least Christian members. I could be wrong.

  31. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Rachel, you are correct that those bands are Christian bands but are played mostly on secular stations and so a lot of people think of them as secular until they really research them and find out they promote Christian beliefs. I appreciate your comments and feel free to share more any time. Thanks!

  32. Erik Hamm Says:

    Hey I am a big fan of Papa Roach and I also like the band Kids in the Way. I think the two sound a lot alike from the instrumentals down to even the lead vocals (I think KITW vox looks alot like Papa Roaches Vocalist) Would you consider KITW a Christian Alt. Band and a good substitute for Papa Roach. let me know

  33. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Erik, Kids in the Way is a Christian band and they are excellent and would be a great substitute for Papa Roach. I have a couple of their albums and have seen them in concert and they rock! Hope this helps and keep on rockin!

  34. Pastor, I used to only listen to Christian music. The musical layering of songs done by secular bands like The Temper Trap are better done and relatable to people who have experienced the toughest life situations. How deeply do you compare (no mocking ya) Need to Breathe with Kings of Leon? LP against TFK? LP seems a deeper, raw maturity TFK lightly brushes on. Kids leave the church because of the brushing over if ya feel me.

    Thank you for your time.

  35. I can’t believe you haven’t mentioned Switchfoot – the best Christian band around. The words of their songs have so much meaning and are truly inspiring.

  36. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Yes Switchfoot is an amazing Christian band, and almost everyone knows they are, so that is why I hadn’t listed them because both the secular air play and Christian air play is pretty much equal. But thanks for reminding those who read this about them!

  37. Okay cool. Good to know you’d heard of Switchfoot. 🙂 The Temper Trap is another amazing Christian band.

  38. I knew a lot of these bands before I became a Christian, and I used to like a lot of them. But when I got into drugs and alcohol, I became a very angry rebellious person. I started listening to heavier and heavier styles of rock and dabbled in death and black metal for a while. I am a student of music and have been for about 10 years. Most rock bands bore me because their music is too simple; all their songs are in 4:4, 2:4, or 3:4 time signature and use the same wimpy power chords over and over again without any experimentation. Some of my favorite bands were Tool, A Perfect Circle, Opeth, and Dimu Borgir. I loved all of them mainly because they had incredible musical talent from every band member. Tool for example, has a lead singer, guitar player, bassist, and drummer that are all classically trained. Also, Tool does a lot of musical experimentation with time signatures (they have basically no songs in 4:4), chord progressions, structure, and dissonance that I have yet to hear from hardly any other band even in the secular realm. Does anyone know any bands that REALLY sound like Tool, APC, Opeth or Dimu Borgir, that aren’t just a good band but a are musical genius?

    btw. I don’t listen to any of these bands anymore because their lyrics and band members are either blatantly blasphemous, demonic, pagan or relativist (which are all satanic subcategories).

  39. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Jordan, I’ll do some checking and let you know, I like Tool’s sound as well. I’m into the heavier stuff like Demon Hunter, Becoming the Archetype and the likes, but they probably fit under the same time signatures as you mentioned, but don’t quote me on that, check them out yourself if you’d like. Good luck in your search and if I come across any I’ll pass the info on. Keep rockin and praisin the LORD!!

  40. Sounds good, thanks. I’ll check out DH in the meantime.

  41. Any like weezer and blur

  42. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Jon, will check into and let you know.

  43. I have been a chrsitian since I was 10 in 1979 and have been collecting Christian music ever sience. There are thousands of brilliant Christian bands out there. The sad thing is that over the years bnads are moving away from Chriustian record labels and are going onto secular labels, which in itslef is not a bad thing. The fact is that we do not get the albums, especailly here in South Africa. There is so much great underground christian rock out there from gunge, rock, hip hop, groove metal, balck metal and everything inbetween.

    I have 600 plus CD’s and 250 vinyl’s . and i listen to them all.

    Encourage your CD store to get in the orders or music you like. Not really about what they like.



  44. I thought The Fray were Christians? And Lifehouse? They get are played on Christian Radio.

  45. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Critics go back and forth on theses two bands as well as some of the others listed on the secular side of the list that are actually considered Christian as well such as Norma Jean and a couple of the others. If the get a lot of secular play like The Fray and Lifehouse and others like Red and Skillet, people most often don’t know they are Christian because of their secular air play and that’s why getting them to look at other bands that sound similar can help them realize they are Christian as well.

  46. I know this has been up for quite a while now, but I have to say I am SO excited to find this! I have had a hard time getting into Christian music because it’s hard to find alternatives to the secular music I like. I recently came across Family Force 5 and absolutely LOVE them, but I need more then that 😉 Can’t wait to check all these bands out

  47. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Glad this will help, I’ve seen Family Force 5 a couple times in concert and they put on an amazing show! There’s a ton of great Christian artists out there so enjoy and God bless.

  48. What christian bands sound like Zeromancer?

  49. pastorjgrogan Says:

    I’ll have to do some research as I am not familiar with Zeromancer. Will post when I do find out something.

  50. And let us not forget our boys from Sweden, Blinside. Awesome christian band. Their Album Silence reminded me alot of the Deftones first CD! Check ’em out, you won’t regret it!

  51. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Will definitely check them out because the Deftones have an amazing sound, too band they don’t know Christ because they’d make even better music!

  52. Randall Says:

    I’ve been listening to rock since the early ’70’s. I’m been an evangelical Christian even longer. I’m also a musician myself, classical to metal (vocal, bass); rap & hip-hop aren’t music.
    Most Christian bands who are good enough cross over to the secular world (exposure, opportunity, livelihood). They likewise have to adjust their lyrics, so each song doesn’t come over as a sermon; that doesn’t mean they’re lost their faith. And there are many individuals who are Christians who play in secular bands: Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Kerry Livgren Kansas), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Niko (Iron Maiden), Warren DeMartini (Ratt) and my favorite, Gary Cherone (Extreme, Van Halen) who writes the greatest lyrics. Then there is Neal Morse who writes praise albums along with his highly praised secular recordings (w/ ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy-Avenged Sevenfold). of course, U2 (which I knew of before they were famous; had to buy October as an import). And I prefer Alter Bridge to Creed. Plus some excellent European bands: Narnia, Veni Domine

  53. Looking for the name of a current artist that sounds very much like Eminem with a song that speaks of what love is and would you lay down your life even for your enemies. Very strong message and well done.

    I have enjoyed Christian rock since the 70’s and 80’s (Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart, Bryan Duncan, Petra) and still enjoy the current artists, from Jeremy Camp to Chris Tomlin to Newsboys and everything in between. Music is truly a gift from God!

  54. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Off the top of my head my guess would be KJ-52 since he sounds a lot like Eminem because he’s a white rapper and usually has powerful songs as well as fun songs. Just saw him again on the WinterJam Tour not that long ago. Let me know if he’s not the one and I’ll look some more into it.

  55. Jordan Says:

    Nancy, two more artists that sound strikingly similar to Eminem: Timothy Brindle and his brother Believin Stephen. Stephen sounds almost identical to Marshall Mathers vocally.

  56. Jordan Says:

    One more Christian rapper who sounds like Eminem: Stephen the Levite. If you like Christian rap, you may also like Lecrae, Tedashii, Trip Lee, Shai Linne, Sho Baraka, and Json. These guys, Timothy Brindle, and Believing Stephen all have one thing in common aside from being Christian artists. They all preach the Gospel in their lyrics. The impact their music can have on people who have fallen pray to the gangsta glam movement is unreal. They are all available on iTunes if you wanna check em out.

  57. Pascal Mangin Says:

    Hi dear brothers and sisters, I am a french christian and I am really surprised that none of you mentionned the incredibly talented Needtobreathe ! You guys might also like Kutless, leeland , the city harmonic, parachute band, the afters, tenth avenue north, full hearts, sanctus real , just to name a few…
    God bless you all in the love and passion of Jesus christ !

  58. AmberRose Says:

    Hi so my sister and I really like this one song by Kid Rock… “All Summer Long” she listens to him like 24/7…. Is there any artist that you can compare with him? She is visiting my parents and I for a bit…. She is leaving soon though… I really wanna get another artist to her before she leaves!
    Thank you & much love!
    God bless!

  59. pastorjgrogan Says:

    A good band that has that sort of southern rock style is Disciple. I’ll try to find some more if I can and will let you know as soon as I can.

  60. AmberRose Says:

    thank you & much love

  61. Thank you for trying to help, but I must say some of these were laughably wrong. TobyMac similar to Limp Bizkit??? No, just no. I really need a Slipknot/Disturbed alternative… but none of these bands sound like them.

  62. Kirk Franklin makes gospel music. Not sure why he’s on the secular side. Especially when he did a tour with tobyMac and they’re good friends. His entire album Nu Nation Project is about him NOT being secular. Besides that the list is great. Might want to add Lecrae, Tedashii Nd the other guys from Reach Records, they’re really great rappers.

    God Bless

  63. the devil wears prada is also a christian band

  64. Idk who to compare these bands too but I’m pretty sure they can be defined as metal. Try Phinehas or Extol (My favorite song from Extol is Shadow of Death) I hope that helps! & btw I used to only listen to secular music seeing as how I didn’t really know the Lord until I was 17 and then later stopped listening to secular music when I was 19, so I understand how it is trying to find christian music that I like since I have been used to listening to secular music almost my whole life but for me it’s not really about the music but more about Him 🙂 and if anybody wants to know some more christian rappers then go to thascript.com and it’s a website that gives some lyrics but I have found a few good rappers from there that I enjoy. I hope this helps & God bless! 🙂

  65. who is comparable to beyonce, and john legend, and britany spears?

  66. Chuck Hammock Says:

    Trying to get my daughter’s friend, who only listens to secular musi,c to come with us to the CCM concerts at Universal Studios Orlando (Rock The Universe) next week, so I would love to hear from you this week if you know of bands that sound similar to: Switchfoot, 10th Ave.North,Brandon Heath, LIvefish, Grits, Rhema Soul, or Hyland, Secondarily, if you had any ADDITIONAL bands (beyond the ones in your original post above) that sound like: David Crowder, Anberlin, Family Force 5, 3rd Day, Relient K, Red, Casting Crowns). Thanks!! Chuck

  67. pastorjgrogan Says:

    I will try and get something to you by the weekend. Sounds exciting and will be praying for this young lady.

  68. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Switchfoot is played a lot on secular radio and so is Red and Skillet. Some that sound like Red would be Saving Able, Seether and Hinder. Family Force 5 would be like Linkin Park, Third Day would be like Travis Tritt somewhat. Grits would be like Lil Wayne, Jay-Z or P-Diddy. Relient K is along the lines of punk, so pretty much any punk band would be similar. Hope this helps. Bands like David Crowder are just so unique that they are hard to explain or compare. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  69. do you know something that sounds like the Temper Trap?

  70. hey, i really loved colplay whn i was in the world and am looking for a band that sounds similar or even better any suggestions??

  71. pastorjgrogan Says:

    I will check into it and let you know.

  72. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Skillet, Disciple, Kutless are a few off the top of my head. Will look to find some others and will let you know.

  73. I have a blog that is at:


    that you should check out. I have taken LOTS of time to hopefully put together an exhaustive list of bands that you might like.


    you get the idea.

  74. Thank you for your ministry, including this awesome list! Do you know of any Christian bands that sound like Ra?

  75. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Red, As I Lay Dying, Underoath are some good hard rock bands that may have a similar sound. August Burns Red and Day of Fire as well.

  76. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Jeremy Camp, Third Day, Chris Tomlin, Day of Fire, Hawk Nelson would be a few good ones.

  77. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Owl City would be one close to The Temper Trap.

  78. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Nicole C Mullins and CeCe Winans for the girls and Jeremy Camp, Todd Agnew, Chris Tomlin for the guys.

  79. A band called Turn Off The Stars sounds very much like Coldplay AND U2 to answer Kenn’s question.

  80. Shannon McGuire Says:

    Looking for a Christian artist that sounds like Adele, Joss Stone or India Arie, Know of any?

  81. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Would have to do some looking as I am unfamiliar with any of those names off the top of my head. Will post them if I find some. Thanks.

  82. If you’re looking for something like Joss Stone, you should check out Charity Von at http://www.myspace.com/charityvon
    God bless!!

  83. stephanie hodson Says:

    Are you familiar with Blue October? do you know of any Christians bands that have that same kind of sound? How about Islandic music? My 19 year old son has returned to Jesus and is finding it dificult to enter back into the chistian music scene…

  84. pastorjgrogan Says:

    I am not, but will look into it and try to reply when I find something. Thanks!

  85. stephanie hodson Says:

    awesome! Thanks 🙂

  86. BLUE OCTOBER – He might like Stavesacre, The Prayer Chain, Wovenhand.

  87. any christian bands that sound Like Lady Antebellum?

  88. Lady Antebellum – Might try Susan Aston.

  89. I’m not sure where to start. Kj-52 is not equal to Fort Minor at all. There is a possible case where Kj-52 and Eminem are similar-but that’s weak. But as good as The Ambassador is, there is no sound comparison to Ludacris. And comparing TobyMac to Limp Bizkit is just..just..wrong. Have you personally listened to Limp Bizkit?Cross Movement is good, I can’t debate that but comparing them to WuTang, again wrong? You haven’t even mentioned Dr. Del (Christian rap). I appreciate the list, and can see where it is helpful but..it needs work..

  90. Hey do u know of any bands like nirvana, alice in chains, mudhoney or fecal matter. they dont have to be all “up in your face” about their christianity, but at least be christian

  91. Alice in chains – Pick up Forevertree’s first album. Very close. You like what I like. I have been searching for a long time to find good Christian grunge music. Stir is another band that is grungy. Go to: http://www.myspace.com/stirband for them… Let’s see…Mudhoney? I wish… Early Starflyer59 is good. But make sure it’s early. Their sound changed over the years from the 90’s. If you liked Clutch, you can check out Faithbomb. Considered Rubbish is a garage band that had potential, but it seems like they fizzled. God bless!

  92. thanx, forevertree’s alien wasn’t bad and 12 stones were okay if u wanns check them out.

  93. oh and anything like nirvana’s bleach album? the sound there was just incredible…

  94. I don’t know man.. I’ve been getting into early punk more… These guys throw. They’re called Black Cherry Soda. http://www.myspace.com/blackcherrysodabcs
    and Dear Ephesus http://www.myspace.com/dearephesus
    These guys were around during that time and most likely influenced by them. Ethereal Scourge is another great band. Raising Lazarus is grungy. http://www.myspace.com/raisinglazarusband
    Hope this helps! Jesus Fresus!

  95. do you know any band like tool, especially their song “aenema”

  96. Tool is a hard one. They were one of my favorite bands, but they also clearly worked for the enemy and thus probably got some creative ideas from the dark side. I would say that really no one sounds like them at all. Stavesacre has been compared to them, but I can see that only slightly. I did hear this one guy do some instrumental stuff that sounded a lot like Tool actually one time. I don’t remember who he is though. He was on Reverbnation. If I remember or can find him, I will be sure to post it.

  97. Thanks for helping Salt. If you have have any personal comparison suggestions, perhaps the Lord brought you here to do that. Let’s all try and work together to make a great comparison list. I myself, am very apprenticed when it comes to rap music (my period was Run DMC and Chaka Khan), and I would certainly welcome your knowledge in that area. To the Glory of the Lord Jesus!

  98. Shane Jordan Says:

    a lot of the bands you listed are great bands. Disciple is my fav by far. I knew of them before they ever hit mainstream christian, some of your coparisons are off tho like on pod & project 86. Anyway I been looking for bands similar to Godsmack with no luck any suggestions?

  99. uk car insurance short term Says:

    I just like the valuable info you supply for your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check once more here frequently. I am moderately certain I’ll learn a lot of new stuff proper here! Best of luck for the following!

  100. Not My Own, Staynlis, Elder, Forevertree, Raising Lazarus, Stir, there are probably more. I would go to my blog for ideas http://www.christianbandsyoushouldknowabout.blogspot.com. I would be careful as a believer with secular bands, especially Godsmack. The lead singer Sully is a wiccan. Keep it straight and narrow.

  101. Before I converted one of my favorite band was Deftones. I was wondering if there is a Christian band that sounds like them? Thanks and God bless.

  102. Deftones? You might check out Thrice (but keep in mind that you will need to explore them because they are very diverse ***heavy, melodic, dreamy, punk, mellow, bright, ragey*** on their many albums – I really dig Broken Lungs lately), also maybe Brian Head Welch, and maybe don’t know much about these guys but you might check out Blindside (investigate first). Another band is Starflyer 59. Check out their early stuff “90’s” because their music now seems cool but different. But even with these comparisons we can only recommend bands that are sort of “in the same neighborhood a few blocks down” and not exactly alike. That wouldn’t be cool anyway. But I feel you for wanting to find music that relates and appeals to YOU. Keep searching. It’s awesome that you want to separate yourself from the world and its many entanglements. Jesus Fresus!

  103. I wanted to add an additional comment to my last one. From what I know, the band Thrice unfortunately is not comprised of all Christian band members. That may change. Keep them in your prayers. What I do know is Dustin Kensrue (lead singer) is a Christian and he actually leads worship at Mars Hill church in Orange County, California. Their albums are enjoyed by both Christian and secular people. As with anything, be discerning. Satan can appear as an angel of light. Our salvation and relationship with Jesus Christ is far more important than music or anything else we can imagine. God bless!

  104. Amen. I heard Thrice before and liked them a lot! Thanks jesusfresus.

  105. Sarah Redman Says:

    How can you list P.O.D. as a Christian band? I used to listen to them until I did a lot of research on them. Secular sources(including Satanists) say that the band’s songs, album art and logo are rife with occult symbolism. It seems that they are either spiritually confused, and are sending a message they don’t really understand, or they are purposely deceiving people. I want to believe the best in everyone, but just because a band calls themselves Christian doesn’t mean they are. I enjoy many of the other bands you listed, but there are a few, including P.O.D., who don’t make the grade! I don’t have an objection to the type of music, but the message it portrays is very suspicious and concerning. I’m a young Christian person(age 21) who enjoys both secular and Christian music of every Genre, so I do not have a “KJV 1611-hymns only” agenda at all. I’m not the type to go looking for demons under every rock, but this one seems pretty clear.

  106. Hey,

    Does any-one know of more christian bands that sound like Virgina Creeper or Stryper?

  107. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Stryper is a Christian band, one of the original hard rock Christian bands. Would have to look into the other & let you know.

  108. Virginia Creeper is a christian band (though, anti-catholic) that sounds a lot like Cradle of Filth. The lead singer doesn’t use the high notes that Dani Filth uses though. They have one album (Who’s your God) and a couple of singles. Just looking for more bands that sound like them, as I can’t seem to find many christian bands like them (Virginia Creeper, esp. seems like a rare gem.)

  109. Telecast’s album Quiet Revolution and Deas Vail’s album Birds and Cages is a good substitute for The Temper Trap. Although listening to secular music is not wrong when it influences you, now there is the problem 🙂

  110. Anyone know of any good Christian bands that sound A LOT like Tool by any chance? I know Maynard’s voice is one of a kind.. But I’m hoping there’s a Christian band out there somewhere that resembles Tool. They were my favorite band before I was saved..

  111. pastorjgrogan Says:

    This is one I’ve been trying to find as well because I like them as well as A Perfect Circle, Maynard has an amazing voive for sure. Hopefully someone else who follows this may know off the top of their head, otherwise if I come across any I’ll let you know. Thanks!

  112. How about avenged sevenfold, im into oh sleeper, as i lay dying and ABR…

  113. Charlie Says:

    Great list!!!! Green Day?

  114. mark holder Says:

    Hi I’m a new Christian and I’m looking for something that sounds like cradle of filth .as I definitely can’t listen to that now .but I do miss the style .I’ve listened to demon hunter and pantokrator..but it’s not the style I’m looking for .could you help me ..

    Thank you for your help

  115. pastorjgrogan Says:

    I’m a huge Demon Hunter fan and I know you said you’ve tried them out, but not quite what you were looking for. Try Becoming The Archetype they are really heavy and I enjoy them as well as Living Sacrifice. If you do some internet searches for Christian Metal stations, you’ll find several that have a great variety that hits all aspects of Christian Metal. If I come across some more, will let you know. Thanks!

  116. I used to love Cradle of Filth! Still do, but, yeah, I know what you mean by you can’t listen to them anymore! Haha, will definitely hinder your walk with Christ! So, I’d like to suggest Bloodline Severed. They’re pretty good. Search them up on Facebook! They aren’t super big yet, but they’re pretty awesome! Hope you enjoy ’em!

  117. Thanks for sharing, I make playlists for the Muay Thai class I teach and I only use Christian Rock/Metal/Hip Hop.

    I have a fairly large list of Christian Hip Hop, but was lacking in rock;this will help immensely!

    You may want to add Tedashii and This’l to this list, they are Hip Hop artists that spit the truth without compromising to the masses, and they are GOOD!!

  118. I’m a long time musician, 40yrs. I’ve sang lead and harmony vocals while drumming. I became a Christian 35yrs ago, and although I love the message that Christian music can bring, alot of what was playing on the radio was so bland, white bread, and commercialized that I just couldn’t quite accept it. I grew up during the late sixties, and all through the seventies classic rock era; during a time when technologies were quickly changing from reel to reel tape, 4 tracks, 8 tracks, LP’s, and Cassette. By the time that 1976 rolled in, Bands like Boston, Kansas, Styx, Journey, & Van Halen were the best of the best. (in my humble opinion). However, Christian music was still, bland, white bread, and dull. Only Larry Norman, Phil Keaggy, The 2nd Chapter of Acts, The Resurrection Band and Petra, were considered more than the typical mainstream players; and I’ve loved their timeless renditions of Gospel Rock. Since then, alas, the Gospel music scene has evolved into a mish mash of everything from grunge, to hip hop, heavy metal, and worse. Todays Gospel radio station’s still play the same bland, white bread, commercialized pop/rock? stuff, and it all sounds alike…..and it’s boring. But it’s either that, or else Old time southern babtist four part harmony stuff that roots back to 1945.
    Maybe it’s just me…….but isn’t there any decent rock groups that have the same quality, individualistic, creative, inspiring, and groove filled tunes that made Journey, Kansas, Styx, Rush, ahead of their time? Oh, and lyrics that make you want to listen to the song over and over because of it’s timeless message?

    Just sayin’

  119. pastorjgrogan Says:

    I understand where you’re coming from in that all the bands you listed are great bands and as far as ones in the Christian realm, I’d have to say David Crowder, Third Day, Disciple, Hawk Nelson are a few great ones that seem to always have great lyrics and you can rock out to and always get a great message from. Thanks for the great comments and I pray that in your search you can find some that will fit your style and standards.

  120. any chris†ian bands that sound like OZZY, Alice Copper, Bon Jovi, Kiss, Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Scorpions

  121. Where is Barren Cross, Neon Cross, Bloodgood, Deliverance, Bride, Whitecross, Holy Soldier, Mortification on your list?

  122. I know this is an older thread, but I just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ for this list! I’m listening to the Supertones right now on Spotify and bouncing in my chair all over my office. 😉

  123. I’m a huge Rush fan, but though a Christian, I do not feel convicted for listening to them. But to appease some people in my family I promised to search for Christian rock bands who sound like or are somewhat comparable to Rush.

    Can you help me with this search?

    To me Rush is incomparable to any band when it comes to musicianship and talent. But who knows…

  124. riverside sounds alot like rush wen they were good

  125. im more into grunge and early punk, punk prog still blows me away, try geting riverside, theyre the closest thing ive found, and im into dream theater and symphony x
    i still havent found a gud christian grunge band tho 😦

  126. Christian ska-punk – Five Iron Frenzy
    Progressive – Riverside (esp. the album Out of Myself)
    Rapcore – POD, Every Day Life
    Ramones-Style Punk – The Huntingtons
    Skater-Punk – MxPx
    Green Day – Ghoti Hook

  127. Group 1 Crew is like the Black Eyed Peas kind of

    Manafest is like Eminem

    An Epic No Less is not very well known, but they sound almost identical to Owl City

    Nine Lashes is a lot like Thousand Foot Krutch

    7eventh Time Down is a mix between Seventh Day Slumber and Casting Crowns

    Kiros is good, but I can’t quite place how they sound

    Sorry I don’t have any secular music to compare these bands to, I don’t listen to any secular music.

  128. Does anyone know a Christian alternative to Tool and A Perfect Circle. I love the musical sound of both groups and I’m looking for a God influenced bad that carries the same beats.

  129. i dont know, tool is one of my personal faves, but i cant finbd one like them

    gud prog tho can be found in the amazing band theocracy

    they sound like a better dream theater

  130. Is Riverside really a Christian group? I know they are polish, but I cant find anything about their faith.

  131. yeah, i forgot the link tho 😦

  132. Anyone know of a band/artist that sounds like The Smiths or Morrissey??

  133. I don’t think Riverside is a Christian band. In the song titled “after” the whispering says
    God’s name in vain, they actually use GD… I don’t think a Christian band would say that.

  134. Lauren Brown Says:

    Has anyone hear listened to Tokyo Keys? They’re from my church in New Zealand, and they sound like Coldplay, The Killers, or Temper Trap.

    Also, people could listen to Athlete, a christian band from UK. They’re music is awesome.

  135. Philyal Says:

    Awsm list. Do u know any Christian artist to compare to Britney spears/Niki Minaj, or Will Smith/ Ludacris? Also interested in reggaeton (compare to Don Omar/Wisin y Yandel)

  136. jesusfresus Says:

    I would just like to say that I think it’s awesome that people are seeking out Christian music versus the music of the world. I encourage you to keep doing that. I used to be a traveling musician and I know first hand that satan can anoint musicians with ideas and skill on their instruments and vocals. He did for me. Keep the faith, without wavering!

  137. Philyal Says:

    Agreed totally with what u said jesusfresus!

  138. Anything that sounds like Pulp, Suede, Blur, etc.? Ya know, britpop stuff? =] Thanks! God bless!

  139. Philyal Says:

    Not certain but maybe try Newsboys -they originated from Brit.be sure to go old like 90s r somethin.

  140. Philyal Says:

    Hey this might sound off the bat but I’m a big fan of music and cars. Does any know cool music video with good lyrics and cool cars?! lol

  141. Philyal Says:

    Bass hunter comparo. anyone?:}

  142. Guitar4Jesus Says:

    Anything similar to Theory of a Deadman, Staind, Hinder, or Pearl Jam?

  143. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome research…how bout adding Marc Martel from Downunder sounds like Queen. By the way I have a christian friend who still likes rage against the machine…any similar Christian artists?

  144. Any Christian bands that sound like Queen?

  145. How about a Christian band that sounds like Greenday? Also, my 10 yr old boy loves the song Jesus freak….anything like that? Thanks!

  146. Jedidiah Says:

    I used to be a huge Tool and Apc fan, Ive been a christian now for about a year and i share your desire to find bands with the same level of intensity, here are a few im into now: SONS // Sosaveme // Manchester Orchestra

  147. Carley Says:

    i’ve also been convicted of only listening to christian music but i cant seem to let go of my favorite band, Nevershoutnever :(((( i really love his use of emotion, variation of notes and pitches and i prefer male singers over female, LOVE that he uses ukulele, harmonica, odd instruments like that. and i love that he uses his own stories and scenarios, and that he really let’s you in his heart and life through his music. his music really helped me through a lot of things and being depressed. i hate all the sin he does but i love his carefree way of life and everything about him i love like his look, attitude, diet, etc, he’s like a really big hippie and i love that. wahh, i just really need a similar alternative to his music.please help me:'(

  148. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Carley, this is a new one for me but I will try to find something for you. I’m not saying you have to give up all secular music for good, just don’t be influenced by it. A good mix of Christian and secular music is good to have unless you find yourself drawn more to the secular and following its ways. Keep praying and seeking God’s will in this and I will see what I can come up with. A group I like that is sorta like what you described is Lost & Found. They’re great especially in concert. Another one who speaks his heart and such is KJ-52, he sounds a lot like Eminem, but has great messages and uses various samplings and such. Keep up the fight and may God continue to reveal Himself to you.

  149. Looking for a Christian artist sound and style of Neil young. He was my favorite in my party days. Still an ol hippie praisin the Lord and so grateful for saving my life! Thanks for any leads.

  150. jesusfresus Says:

    Man, that’s hard. You might dig SOME of Josh Garrels stuff. He, at times, plays in that vein. You might try his song “Don’t Wait For Me” just to get your feet wet. He does use organic folk beat in his music, so it’s different, but you will probably like him anyway. He’s just a cool dude. Bob Desper is another cool guy. He has one of the top folk albums for collector’s. It is called “New Sounds”. This is another longshot, but Bradley Hathaway has a unique voice, similar to Neil. God bless!!

  151. …………..i do’nt understand hy there were popular christian artists on the secular side ,they were CHRISTIANS……………….

  152. Hi guys. I’m looking for christian band’s in the style of Pantera.

    I’ve been searching for quite some time now and I can’t find anything that satisfies my ears.

    Thank you in advance!

  153. jonathan moore Says:

    I am a metalhead turned christian metalhead, and rededicated my life to God in march of 2008. We must understand that, yes, God gave us music and He gave it to us for His praise and His worship. With that said, I implore any christian metal peeps out there to keep the radio tuned in to your local christian music stations because even though you don’t enjoy the genre as much as metal, the CHRISTian-ness of the music far exceeds the type of music it is. I almost guarantee that there will be a time in your life where the Spirit of God touches you in a special way through one of those christian contemporary songs and it will be amazing.

  154. pastorjgrogan Says:

    It’s great that there’s Christian Metal for all of us former secular metalheads and I agree it’s good to expand our horizons in the Christian music area. Thanks for the great comment and Rock On!

  155. It’s true man… Even though I listen and play metal, the contemporary-type music does minister in ways that metal doesn’t.

  156. Checkout The Showdown, the album Blood in the Gears. They are very similar sounding to Pantera.

  157. I am navarrodragon25@yahoo.com I am looking for people who passionately love Jesus, desire to walk holy and love the sound of hard rock/ grunge/metal/ alternative(ie tool,apc,system of a down, soundgarden etc) and would like to be in a God glorifying rock band in the southern chicago suburbs. Hit me up !!!

  158. pastorjgrogan Says:

    If only I lived in Chi-town! Will be praying that God directs the right people your way and that He will bless all of your efforts!

  159. I don’t listen to secular bands anymore but I do appreciate the “sound”. I say this in case I sounded Hypocritical by naming bands that demonstrate the sound I speak of. Thanks for your prayers Pastor.

  160. Jesuslovesyoutodeath Says:

    Awesome how this thread is still going after a couple of years. I came for Tool, as I can see, Maynard is the most requested. Some of his songs which are directly against God and about his mom I find great encouragement in, because she knew Jesus, and unfortunately Maynard is blinded. It is encouraging because he is so close, but just doesn’t see it. Please pray for him.

  161. Theocracy is still one of my faves (Prog/Metal)

    Silent Lapse has their album for free on their website (Prog)

    On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 11:04 PM, PastorJGrogans Blog wrote:

    > ** > Jesuslovesyoutodeath commented: “Awesome how this thread is still going > after a couple of years. I came for Tool, as I can see, Maynard is the most > requested. Some of his songs which are directly against God and about his > mom I find great encouragement in, because she knew Jesus, and unf” >

  162. Thank you soo much. As a christian that loves music, I’ve always wanted to hear christian rock(and other genres) that sounds similar to the rock(and other genres) I listen to. Thanks a lot. You’ve really made my day…

  163. Good information. Lucky me I came across your
    site by chance (stumbleupon). I’ve bookmarked it for later!

  164. Tourniquet has amazing sounds. As each song is influenced by different artists. They’re Stop The Bleeding and Psycho Surgery albums have Megadeath influences and 2 of the best out of 13 albums out.

    Eternal Decision – best Metallica influence in muddin opinion.

    Does anyone know of any good Christian artists that have a strong Pantera influence?

  165. ANONYMOUS1234567890 Says:

    Hey everyone! I am a teenage girl who loves the sound of Taylor Swift’s music, but is looking for Christian alternatives. I’ve heard JJ Heller’s “What Love Really Means” and thought her voice is really similar to TayTay’s…

    If any of you have some suggestions, I would SOOOO appreciate it! Thank you and God bless.



  166. Phil Martinez Says:

    Uumm ok so maybe not exactly like Swifts voice but Brit Nicole is a good one & u might like Barlow Girl:)

    Phil Matinez

  167. If I can add a couple links they will answer many people’s questions. The first is a metal comparison chart and it includes bands that sounds similar to Cradle of Filth, Pantera, Tool, Rush, and many others. The author of this chart put a lot of work into this:


    The second link is broader and includes bands or singers that sound like Destiny’s Child, Eminem, and some rock and metal:


  168. Here are a few more good resources:

    List of Christian metalcore/deathcore bands:


    This is the first vol. of a 40 song compilation of Christian deathcore and death metal music that can be listened to and downloaded:


    This is a list of reviews of Christian albums from all different genres and it tells you what those genres are (even including dubstep!):


  169. As I Lay Dying is a christian band

  170. pastorjgrogan Says:

    I appreciate the comment and I am aware that they are, the list was complied based on record companies and when this was made they weren’t on a Christian label. I’ve seen them in concert and they are amazing! Thanks for checking out my list and one of these days I’ll get around to updating it. – Jason

  171. the walking tree is a band thats local (for me) and have a great pop-punk paramore kinda sound

  172. Thanks man! The Walking Tree is one of the better bands that I have heard in a while.

  173. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide
    credit and sources back to your site? My blog site is in the exact same area of interest as
    yours and my users would definitely benefit from a lot of the information you provide here.
    Please let me know if this alright with you. Appreciate it!

  174. pastorjgrogan Says:

    That would be fine with me. One of these days when I get time I’ll do some updating! lol

  175. Any bands that have a comparable sound to Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, or Nirvana?

    My wife has recommended Redd, Audio Adrenaline, and Disciple but they are more rock. Skillet really does nothing for me.

  176. Hey man, I feel you on this one. The “current” Christian popular artists just don’t fulfill, if you were into those bands. But, I have good news… There are Christian bands that have come close. For Alice in Chains, the first Forevertree album comes real close, and for more grunge-sounding bands, I have an entire feature post dedicated to it, and I am always adding more. Here is the link. God bless. http://christianbandsyoushouldknowabout.blogspot.com/2011/12/christian-punk-and-grunge-bands.html

  177. Therachkidd Says:

    I think Coldplay sounds like Esterlyn. Look up Holy by Esterlyn.

  178. TOOL FANS NEED TO GOOGLE THE PRAYER CHAIN. The mercury album reminds me of a really nice cross between the smaching pumpkins and APC and tool. I just discovered them from a comment above by the OP. Thanks man!!!! you have an ex tool heads stamp of approval on them.

  179. I have fun with, lead to I found exactly what I used to be having a look for.
    You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man.

    Have a nice day. Bye

  180. swingmaiden Says:

    Any suggestion for an alternative to Demi Lovato or Katy Perry? Having trouble finding actual christian pop artists- not contemporary christian!

  181. @swingmaiden, thats touch, but I’ve recently become a fan of stephanie smith bc I was a fan of house of heroes and house singer married her, she sings more pop-rock stuff but I’d check her out all the same

  182. Im looking for christian bands that have an upbeat country sound. One of my favorite songs is Casting Crowns – Spirit Wind, but I play and sing it a little faster. Looking for something like that. Something similar to the Eagles more energetic stuff.

  183. I’m definitely not the authority on country. Next to rap it is my least appreciated. But, I did a review on a guy once who had some upbeat country-ish songs. His name is Reverend Jimmie Bratcher.

  184. HeavyMetalFever Says:


  185. HeavyMetalFever Says:


    I bet not

  186. Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am inspired! Very helpful info specifically the remaining section 🙂 I deal with such info a lot. I was looking for this particular info for a long time. Thanks and best of luck.

  187. If u want hardcore thrash try Vengeance Rising (my fave is Can;t Get Out) but be warned, Roger Williams has turned his life over to Satan’s Path
    Early Mortification is also good, but EARLY

  188. I listen to secular thrash metal openly because I like the literary inspirations that they get from their lyrics. I am a reaffirmed Christian from being originally born again in 1994. I am personal friends with the guys of Sacred Warriior — Sacred Warriror sounds like the NWBHM style with the guitars. I reviewed Rebellion on Vampirefreaks.com along with Ultimatum. I get mad when Christians drop brown bubbles on secular heavy metal because some the secular bands are really artful. A Hill To Die Upon is recommended for fans of Ezurate — the drummer from AHTDU played drums for Ezurate at one point. Myu friends in Withering Soul is a Paranormal Metal band (they use Black Metal for the blue print but does supernatural and horror lyrics.)

  189. not that they are not artful but what is the spirit behind them…are they ultimately for God or against him

  190. I am a historian Abraham. I got into the literary side of heavy metal — where heavy metal is rooted in literature. Anthrax was based on the works of Stephen King, Metallica was rooted in the works of H.P. Lovecraft in their second and third albums, their most recent album they rooted their story on Frank Belknap Long. I was going to form a heavy metal band in 1996 where I wasn’t going to sing about being Christian though I am a Christian. I am not a minister but an entertainer. I write some of the darkest horror in the business. I see heavy metal in any form — some of the newer progressive death metal bands like Empyrean Sky (the designer of my first book,) based their lyrics off John Milton’s Paradise Lost they are a secular outfit inspired by Dimensions from Believer. I related to Believer because they had the Philosophy subject matter as I am also rooted in science. When I left the church — I put more faith in modern medicine and science.

  191. When you say left the church does that mean you no longer follow Christ…I am a bit confused because in the initial remark I responded to you said you were a reaffirmed Christian which sounded to be a recent thing. I know that the systematic “religion” of “christianity” has been tainted but if you are reaffiirmed I trust you are in continuous biblical fellowship with followers of Christ whose faith is rooted in the word of God and that you are submitted to some spiritual authority even if you were meetimg in house churches. I am into science also and see no conflict as of yet but I don’t know much about medicine. I have been in bands and have been led both ways: to directly but poetically sing of my faith in Christ or alternately sing on topics or experiences that are not exclusive to my faith so I think I get where you are coming from…at least to some degree.

  192. I reaffirmed as recent as 2007 because of an anthology that I read where I brought the editor of the book with me. I put my faith in medicine because I have a chemical imbalance. I believe in God, but I have a problem finding a church because they might call me a heretic because I write very dark and extreme horror fiction that takes on Poppy Z. Brire and Clive Barker. I have a free-thinking approach towards my faith and a grittier approach. I do my devotionals online these days but if I was living in Chicago, I would been involved with Evangelical Covenant. My problem is that all the churches in my area are too damned legalistic. I am a heavy metal vocalist where I root my subject matter in literature. When I became a Christian and even before, I was a huge advocate for the arts. Visual and literature were the two mediums I am active in. I was involved with a church that told people to throw away their medicine.

  193. can we talk from time to time by another means?

  194. Sure — you can join my social network if you want. I run a place called Shadow of Darkness. I am doing an anthology of creative nonfiction stories where I am featuring raw and explicit versions of Christian testimonies (profanity is not off limits,) True Paranormal Accounts, NDEs, Close Calls with death, health scares, and other memoir stories that are eerie in nature. I am going for the crowd that reads Anne Rice.

  195. I’ve been looking around for some powerful female vocalists and have just been frustrated in my search. I listened to some Paramore, thought it was okay, but have recently been disappointed by her comments and lyrics. Barlowgirl, Plumb, Benjamin Gate, Krystal Meyers and other awesome Christian women that I find in my searches are too melodic sounding vocally for me. I like Flyleaf’s musical sound, but I don’t like Lacey’s high-pitched vocals. My favorite bands are NeedtoBreathe, Owl City, Switchfoot, Family Force 5, Relient K. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you so much for what you’re doing on this blog!!

  196. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Superchick comes to mind although after several years they are calling it quits to work on other projects. Five Iron Frenzy has a good mix and if I think of any more I’ll post them.

  197. Ember’s Burn and To Leave A Trace…

  198. Forgot one. ILIA

  199. I love how most Christian bands have their own sound but you can still list them in the genre of a secular band. Like my band called Fully Justified has been compared to Pantera and God Smack but we still have our distinctive sound.

  200. For really solid female vocals, I love stephanie smith. Flyleaf of course, though I will miss Lacey. Skillet’s last three albums had some sick female vocals

  201. I’m looking for Christian band(s) similar to Pierce the Veil. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

  202. I don’t have any answers for Pierce The Veil, but I found a band that sounds a lot like Tool and Chevelle. They’re called Sacred. I just did an interview with Adam (singer) on my site UndergroundChristianBands.com.

  203. Hi Pastor.

    I don’t have an application that could assist me in this. But what I am looking for is a Christian Contemporary band that sounds similar like the pop rock band Zedd.

    The lyrics are terrible in their song Clarity that I happened to hear melody-wise while out at a restaurant.

    I like that sound. What contemporary group, in your opinion, comes close to it?

    Thanks for any help you could give in this.



  204. Michelle Says:

    I’ll check it out. Thanks! 🙂

  205. My kid has gotten into some really hard core music. Her current favorite Black Veil Brides. It is a battle in our home. I told her I’m sure we could find christian alternatives to that type of music. No such luck for me. I read the names on groups vs groups and don’t see anything that hard. Any suggestions?

  206. pastorjgrogan Says:

    I’m listening to Black Veil Brides to get an idea of what to suggest. So far, nothing stands out as scary or demonic from the music, it sounds like they are truly seeking something and that’s probably what draws your daughter to them as well as many others. Some bands that come to mind would be Disciple, As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Red, Underoath are just a few. Will continue to look ans see what else I can come up with.

  207. im looking for a Christian bands that sound like danzig and rob zombie? mainly danzig though. please tell me you know some?

  208. Man, I don’t know if you’re going to find anything like Danzig. Danzig is Danzig, and it’s good you’re looking elsewhere. There was a band called Mad At The World. The lead singer sounded like a cross between Danzig and the lead singer of The Cult. Their sound was also hard rock on Seasons and the next two records. One thing I have to tell you is that their first two records are New Wave, so don’t listen to those. They made a drastic change from Seasons on….

  209. Randy Rose is as close to the Danzig sound as you’re going to get.

  210. jette bybee Says:

    Does anyone know a good substitution for pitbull. I am doing a sermon and I can’t find someone that sounds like him. email me

  211. Orlandrea Says:

    Thank you so much for this list. I grew up in the age of Stryper (the 70s and 80s), but I now have a daughter who is almost 12 and is so totally into rock and roll. It used to be easy because she loved Veggie Tales and God Rocks… then she grew up. Luckily for both of us, I love rock and roll too, but I needed to pay attention to what she was listening to and watching on YouTube.

    I’m a musician, my husband-to-be is a musician, and my daughter is an aspiring musician. Unfortunately, when I was her age, I was pretty much restricted to only Gospel. My parents had a hard time with Christian Rock back then. (Did I mention I’m black, so that made it even weirder to everyone else that I did not listen to “black” music ie. hip hop/rap/r&b/gospel)

    I needed a list like this back when I was a teenager. Because when my parents weren’t around, I listened to EVERYTHING that was not Christian, Gospel, or remotely good for me. 🙂 I played quite a few of these artists that you listed, and my daughter and I are now enjoying our separate yet nearly identical playlists on our iPods 🙂
    God bless you for this 🙂

  212. I agree with your comments. God bless the pastor for starting this blog. It certainly fills a big need. At my church they play a mix of rock and gospel style worship music, and it’s great! I love them both. For the most current music I recommend the various WOW CDs. There’s WOW gospel, WOW Christian contemporary, etc, for each year. Wonderful music.

    As for Christian rock, the music is a lot harder than it used to be. There’s genres such as metalcore, death metal, deathcore, etc., with their Christian versions. A lot of Christian metal bands put up their music on YouTube, so I’d recommend listening there, then to purchase a CD to support that band. BTW, Stryper has released a new CD and it’s very good.

    Finally, when my daughter was little I tried to raise her on Veggie-Tales too. As she got older she was influenced by her peers and listened to both hip hop and hardcore rock. I kept on showing her Christian bands that played those styles and encouraged her to give them a chance. She did and really loved some of them (Underoath was one). She’s a young adult now and makes her own choices now, but I still try. We continue to try, we pray, and most of all, we have to be their role models as Christians. I wish you all of God’s blessings. Rick

  213. I’ve been searching far and wide for a Pantera replacement. Do you know of any? I have Six Feet Deep, The Showdown, Fasedown, For Today, Demon Hunter, Etc. Nothing hits that spot. I would like a similar sounding vocalist. Another link you metal heads might find handy is The Christian Metal Realm on Facebook. The page not the group. Thanks and Blessings.

  214. Does anyone know of any Christian bands that sound like Acid Bath, Cold, and Eyehategod?

    Thanks and God bless!

  215. Oh, and if anyone knows of a Christian band that sounds like The White Stripes, that would be super awesome!

  216. If you’re on Facebook you might post that question at The Christian Metal Realm page: https://www.facebook.com/TheChristianMetalRealm

  217. Are there any modern renditions of the Genevan Psalter of which you are aware?

  218. Not sure about those particular psalms, but there is a group that did some re-hymns in a modern way. They’re called Page CXVI Hymns. Definitely worth checking out.

  219. My Son is a huge Tool Fan. Are you aware of a Christian Rock Band with a similar sound? Thanks

  220. AJColeman375 Says:

    Becoming the Architype sounds more along the lines of Kill switch engage not slipknot at all. not nearly enough percussion and way too much screaming vs growling. Joey can actually sing in their songs this guy can only scream or growl.

  221. Madelyn Says:

    what about an alternative for John Legend

  222. di_in_az Says:

    Lorde? Fun? Coldplay?

  223. Tool – Sacred “Ashes To Ascension”
    Coldplay – Turn Off The Stars, Record Of Life, Future Of Forestry

    Never listened to John Legend.

    There are more available to peruse through at:

  224. Michael Ellis Says:

    Anybody know of any good Christian blues bands?

  225. Reverend Robert Wilkins, Blind Willie Johnson, Jonny Lang, Glenn Kaiser, Jondo Trio and Rex Carroll… and some up and comers like the Hallelujah Blues Band.

  226. Jeremy M. Boles Says:

    I just figured I’d list all of my favorite bands / artists… These guys rock. If you recognize a couple, chances are you’ll like the others:

    Harder: Love and Death, As Cities Burn, Wolves at the Gate, Fit for a King, Norma Jean, Staple, Underoath, Subseven, The Walking Tree, Project 86 (Songs to Burn Bridges By, Truthless Heroes, and Drawing Black Lines albums), Demon Hunter, Stretch Arm Strong, Blindside (About Burning Fire and Silence albums), P.O.D. (pre-2010 albums), Dead Poetic, Dear Ephesus

    Mixed: Thrice, Dogwood, Emery, Anberlin, The Dingees, MxPx (older albums)

    Lighter: Switchfoot, Gungor, Dustin Kensrue, Jake Hamilton, Tenth Avenue North (The Struggle album), Daniel Bashta, Ed Kowalczyk, Bradley Hathaway, Matisyahu, Mumford & Sons, Sufjan Stevens, Third Day

    Hip-Hop / Rap: Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Beautiful Eulogy, Propaganda, Tedashi, KB (100 EP), Gideonz Army (Mainstream and On 10 albums)

  227. I would totally dig it if Ed Kowalczyk came to Christ. He had some pretty harsh lyrics in the old days like,

    Heard a lot of talk about this Jesus
    A man of love, and a man of strength
    But what a man was two thousand years ago
    means nothing at all to me today….

    Unless he meant something deeper, it’s pretty clear where he was.

    As far as Anberlin, they used to be one of my favorite bands. It all went south when they decided to cover Danzig. Why would they do that? Strange…

    I investigated Mumford and Sons at one point after hearing their amazing music that sounded totally spiritual. But after, finding an interview, it seemed pretty clear that spirituality with Christ wasn’t very important to them.

    I dig Dear Ephesus…

  228. Jeremy M. Boles Says:

    Yeah, when Ed was with Live, it seems as if he was lashing out at his upbringing. From his latest solo work and from what I’ve read, he’s now returned to God. http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2010/06/23/former-live-frontman-feels-reborn-with-new-solo-album/

    I’m unfamiliar with the Danzig cover.

  229. Yes, I checked it out further and you’re right. He seems to be on the right track now. His voice is wayyyy up there.

    As far as the Danzig cover, it was Mother. I actually made a YouTube video about Christian musicians covering demonic music. I could feel the power of God all over me when I did that, so I know God is not in agreement with us playing music that is clearly wicked and not for him.

  230. James Yura Says:

    If you REALLY want a Christian band that sounds like Metallica….try THIS out!! 🙂

    – or –

  231. Scáth Beorh Says:

    Any Doors fans out there? Check out FRACTION. The album is ‘Moon Blood.’ I found them on the pay service called ‘rdio’, but you can find them free there if you can handle a few advertisements.

  232. Great find (Fraction) man!

  233. Scáth Beorh Says:

    Glad to assist, brotha!

  234. cheap laser pointers

    Who sounds like who comparisons – secular bands & Christian bands | PastorJGrogan’s Blog

  235. Jonathan Douglass Says:

    I am a Christian. I am also a musician.

    First and foremost I have to say that unless Eternal Decision has recently put something out, the only thing that sounds like Metallica is the voice and the main guitar riffs. Even still, the vox of ED almost sounds like he’s trying too hard from what I’ve heard of them.

    Metallica has also changed its style to stay current. Some of my favorite songs are Battery, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Through the Never, The Day that Never Comes and The Unforgiven (all three of them). I know there can’t be anything very close, but I would like to hear a Christian band come out that would be able to encompass Metallica’s nature without having it sound so forced.

    Pillar sounds like Rage? I do hear some similarities as I like both groups, but those are some very big shoes to fill.

    Pillar sounds like Crossfade. I can see that.

    Pillar sounds like Disturbed? Absolutely not and I would welcome someone to try and prove me wrong

    P.O.D. sounds like Mudvayne? I don’t hear it.

    Project 86 has some very big shoes to fill also. Rage, Queens of the Stone Age and The Offspring? As far as Rage is concerned, you can’t just say “oh he sings, but it sounds like talking sometimes” and say they sound alike.

    As for QotSA, meh…..maybe. I’m not entirely convinced.

    And The Offspring? Last I checked Project 86, wasn’t an Alt punk rock band.

    The Showdown does NOT sound like Korn. I don’t know what Korn you’ve been listening to that sounds like The Showdown, but that is not right. The Showdown’s clean vox isn’t anything like Jonathan Davis. Not even the screaming is like Davis’ growl. Again, just bc The Showdown has some hard rock tendencies doesn’t mean they sound like Korn. As far as Metallica goes…..no. Just……no.

    I wouldn’t insult Flyleaf to say they sound like MCR. There are only one ore two songs from MCR I can stomach and Flyleaf deserves a better chance than being similar to them.

    You may as well say Day of Fire sounds like GnR too since that what Velvet Revolver is sans Axel Rose and replacing him with the vox of STP.

    I ❤ DCB. I just don't think he sounds much like DMB…..or Maroon 5

    TFK does have overtones of Trapt. I would like someone to enlighten me on their Korn and Rage aspects as well bc I don't hear it.

    Unless tobyMAC has grown a hard rock bone recently, I dono how similar he can sound to Limp Bizkit….and since when was Kirk Franklin secular?

    Same goes for Norma Jean, He Is Legend, Zao, Lifehouse, and The Almost? I have heard all of the aforementioned on RadioU which is a listener supported radio station out of Ohio that plays strictly Christian music. I think someone needs to do more research.

    I know that was a long comment, but I really do welcome the rebuttal. I'm honestly interested in what people have to say about it bc I just don't hear the similarities.

  236. […] a part of our culture we had charts that would literally lay out which non-christian (or secular) bands equated with the Christian […]

  237. hardrockchristianguy Says:

    Hey, does anyone know any bands that sound like Chevelle, Seether, 10 Years, or any very hard rockin christian rock bands. I know Kutless, Red, P.O.D., Hangnail(listen to Clouds In The Head, it reminds of Soundgarden a little), Disciple, Forevertree, 12 Stones, And Skillet. There’s more. Thanks

  238. hardrockchristianguy Says:

    Hey, the next bands are, Jonah33, Nine Lashes, Switchfoot(I really like Meant To Live :), Fighting Instinct, Decyfer Down, Pax217, Stavesacre, Every Day Life(didn’t like much because of way to much screaming), Bride, Day Of Fire, And Thousand Foot Krutch. There’s still more but I don’t remember much.

  239. hardrockchristianguy Says:

    Hey, there’s many other non-Christian bands I’ve listened to. I still want to find christian substitutes for Chevelle. The songs I know from them and may get back if there’s no substitute is Send The Pain Below, Vitamin R, The Clincher, Saturdays, Jars, Letter From A Thief(not sure), Hats Off To The Bull, And Face To The Floor. The song I would really get back is Send The Pain Below. Actually, there’s a story of how I found Chevelle. Does anybody know the radio station 98Kupd. Yeah, not good radio if you’re a christian rock fan(which I am). Well, hope there’s a substitute for Chevelle. Oh, and does anybody know a christian rock band that sounds like Staind?

  240. hardrockchristianguy Says:

    Technically, that radio station is where I found Skillet, Switchfoot(only the song Meant To Live), Since October(I think, possibly the song The Way You Move), Red, 12 Stones(only the song Adrenaline), And P.O.D. I really like very hard rock(not metal unless there’s no screaming). Unfortunately, many bands I used to like are either explicit, bad lyrics, or doesn’t have that good feeling or are not christian or singing christian stuff. These bands that i’m going to write are the bands I like but are not christian & sing christian lyrics. I mainly go for the guitar but I want both, hard rockin guitar and nice sounding lyrics. The bands are 10 Years(do not know if christian or not but luckily does not have any explicit album, expect for one problem, they’re lyrics may not be explicit but what there singing about isn’t good :(, Three Days Grace(great guitar but really not nice sounding lyrics), Seether(same thing, great guitar but not nice lyrics, plus their albums are explicit :(, System Of A Down(explicit lyrics but love the guitar, also to anyone reading this, my most favorite songs by them are Chop Suey, Toxicity, Aerial, Hypnotize, Lonely Day, B.Y.O.B(explicit :(, Question, And a weird song called 49 or something), Breaking Benjamin(great guitar but some albums were explicit and bad words :(, Soundgarden(great guitar, I don’t think they made any explicit albums but I forgot if their lyrics were good either), Korn(mainly their guitar I like, I think EVERY album was explicit), Alter Bridge(their guitar was great, I keep reading that there christian?, I forgot if they had explicit albums or not, to me, that could be true but I never heard any christian or nice sounding songs), Creed(wonderful guitar but I think they are NOT christian, one of there songs were EXPLICIT, that song was What If), Green Day(many albums were explicit but I dig the guitar :), Deftones(they were good but not so good lyrics, still, like the guitar), Apocalytica(their guitar was great, I remember that the singer of Three Days Grace sang the song I Dont Care, unfortunately, the lyrics was a big think to get excited about :(, Foo Fighters(they had great guitar but I forgot if they had explicit album but I think their lyrics were not good), Sevendust(really loved the guitar but their album were explicit :(, Rage Against The Machine(very good guitar, albums were in fact explicit), Tool(guitar was the biggest thing to love, lyrics, no), Puddle Of Mudd(their guitar was great but not good lyrics), Incubus(I really liked this band, I couldn’t remember if their lyrics were any good), Nine Inch Nails(many people had said that finding a christian comparison was hard, similar to Tool, I really liked their guitar), I some how can’t remember any more but the two I really want to find is Chevelle & Staind. Hope you can help. Please tell if any of the I wrote down are similar to the christian rock bands I told you earlier. Thanks

  241. hardrockchristianguy Says:

    If you read that post I send a minute ago, their might be errors. One, Apocalytica’s lyrics was NOT something to get excited about. Sorry 😦

  242. Also, I very much appreciate the Hangnail recommendation. I used to be head over heels for Soundgarden back in the day. I can definitely feel the vibe.

  243. Oops, I would like to quote on my last post. The Hangnail (Clouds in the Sky) you are referring to is different from the Christian band Hangnail from Wisconsin. You might want to investigate a little further, but the Hangnail you are listening to supposedly isn’t a Christian band. Take care

  244. hardrockchristianguy Says:

    Hello, I think I remember a couple of hard rock bands. One was Limp Bizkit(their guitar is great, many albums, unfortunately, are explicit :(, Shinedown(guitar is good, I think the lyrics are not christian), Atreyu(I think one song I heard from them was Becoming The Bull, I don’t think there was any good lyrics in that song unfortunately), Mastodon(not Mastedon, this band has very hard rock tunes, I forgot if the lyrics were good or not, one song I know from them is Oblivion), Linkin Park(their guitar is great, one album I remember from them was explicit, so, not so nice sounding lyrics apparently), Godsmack(the only reason i’m telling you this band is that their guitar is great, lyrics, heck no), Metallica(I keep hearing that Eternal Decision sounds like them, i’m not looking for a gothic band f.y.i(not that this is), I really like Master Of Puppets. I was wondering if there’s another band like this), Ra(I really like their guitar, I really forgot if their lyrics were bad or not, my favorite songs from them are Do You Call My Name & Ricifier), Beastie Boys, Faith No More, And Fall Out Boy(each band has pretty good hard rock guitars, each one I think is not christian at all). That’s mainly all for now. I really, really, really want a substitute for Chevelle, Staind, Seether, maybe Tool, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, 10 Years, maybe Tool, maybe Nine Inch Nails, & maybe Soundgarden. I kinda wish each one has a christian hard rock substitute. Also, I thought Disciple’s song Hello reminded me a little bit of Metal&Rock, I’m not sure, you can try it out. Hope someone can find me a christian substitute for each one unless I already have a substitute for one. thanks

  245. hardrockchristianguy Says:

    Hey dude, shoot, I think I might have heard a explicit word in clouds in the head :(. Very sorry, hey :), I love soundgarden’s tune. Is their a substitute for that. Wow, you stopped me their from downloading their music. I didn’t really like the other Hangnail because it reminded me of Blink-182 too much :(. Thanks, you saved me a bunch. 🙂

  246. So, DCE, do you know the tunes Superunknown, The Day I Tried To Live, & Pretty Noose. I loved Rusty Cage :). Really wish there’s a substitute :(. Well, also hoped from a christian substitute for Chevelle. I love their hard rockin guitar 🙂 Thanks

  247. NO worries man… It used to be my passion to investigate bands so I got really good at it. That’s why I started Underground Christian Bands and Christian Bands You Should Know About. I don’t do it much more anymore though. However, any chance I get, I do try to steer people away from music that feeds that flesh, instead of the spirit. But in all actuality, even much of Christian music feeds the flesh, just not in such an egregious way.

    As far as Soundgarden, like I said, they were my top band for years. The whole grunge scene was my favorite and influenced my own music in many ways. Unfortunately, I have found nothing really too close. There is a band called Purgation that put out one EP long ago called Realm of the Dead. You can find them on my blog. The singer has Cornell overtones. Another guy that sounds similar (at times) is the singer of Decyfer Down, at least on their latest album Scarecrow.

    Also, I left you another comment about half an hour ago with links to bands that sound like Chevelle and Staind. They are still awaiting approval, so be sure to check back. I think you will be really happy.

  248. Wow, thanks DCE :). I’ve been christian searching for a substitute for Chevelle for a little while ago :). There’s also a story before I got rid of all of my secular hard rock bands. You see, the first band I was maybe going to keep was Chevelle :). Well, it turns out I didn’t because I thought maybe to keep searching for a substitute for Chevelle. Thanks man. Wow, Staind too!!! There’s many hard rock bands I’ve listen too. Many. And for the past week, i’ve been searching for christian substitutes for hard rock bands like Nine Inch Nail, Tool, Creed, Green Day, Alice In Chains, & many more. You’ve probably seen the list of bands i’ve written down. I do have some christian bands(as you’ve seen in my 1 & 2 messages). Also, one question, where will you send the link? Your website or in a message here? Just asking. Thanks 🙂

  249. Hey man what I mean is my comment is still waiting for Pastor Grogan to approve it. It won’t show up until he does. Not sure when he will do that. If you like Creed you might check out Flood23. If you like Alice in Chains, you might like Forevertree, especially the first album.

  250. Dude, I love Forevertree :). My favorite song is Zombie from the album Z :). Thanks for the Creed option. I keep reading that is christian. Listen to What If and you might hear one EXPLICIT word :(. Anyway, thanks man. I’ll check back soon :).

  251. Well, I checked Flood23 and it didn’t show up for some reason :(. Well, either way, I can find a better substitute for Creed like 12 Stones. The album 12 Stones sounds a little bit like Creed. My next substitutes I would like for are Breaking Benjamin & Three Days Grace. I had both artists and knew both artists anyway. Three Days Grace is from Canada i’m sure. TFK is too but they’re more Linkin Park & Limp Bizkit like. Three Days Grace is more hard rock a little. To me, I really like hard rock bands. I just thought I could maybe find more similar bands than what I’ve got. Breaking Benjamin is also hard rock. I think I remember all their albums. The albums I think were Saturate, Dear Agony, Shallow Bay(Greatest Hits), And Phobia. I remember one album but I forgot it’s name. Anyway, DCE, would you might know christian substitutes for Breaking Benjamin & Three Days Grace. Thanks and hope that link will be approved :).

  252. Hey DCE, the reason that i wrote that list on my 1 & 2 notes is because those are the christian bands i know and have. I was actually trying to find christian substitutes for those bands i’ve written down(not the notes 1 & 2 but the secular hard rock bands). I was hoping there were christian bands that sounded similar to the hard rock bands I use to listen too. What I mean is that is there more christian hard rock bands than my christian bands that I’ve written down? My main hope is for the bands I told you & that you have a link for. There’s many hard rock bands I wish I could find christian hard rock substitutes for. Those hard rock secular bands put messages that sometimes make me mad(if you know what I mean). Well, hope you can maybe find more or maybe you can write a list down :)(I’m more use to lists). Thanks 🙂

  253. DCE, To me, Soundgarden is a great guitar sounding band. I just forgot if they’re lyrics were bad or good. I had a couple of albums from them. You might remember that I said that Rusty Cage was my favorite song by them. I don’t have a REAL album by them. The only secular hard rock band album I have is Nickelback’s “something” Reasons. It had songs like Side Of A Bullet & Animal. Well, I loved the hard rock of Soundgarden & Creed a little, but there’s better christian hard rock bands than them. I think it’s cool that you try to help people stay away from the flesh-eating hard ”un-christian” rock or any genre music. That music sorta ruined my life :(. Luckily, I join the Christian side :). And with your help, I may really find some good christian hard rockin bands(not the ones I have, read my notes 1 & 2 to know what I mean) similar to bands like Trapt, Seether, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and more(also read my notes that shows the list of secular hard rock bands I really would like christian substitutes for). I’m writing this because idk if you read EVERY note I made. I do know Decyfer Down & Forevertree(both are great christian bands :). Well, take your time reading my notes from start to finish or just focus on finding me some of those bands I said(excluding Creed & Soundgarden)(you don’t really have to do every band but please find at least some). Thanks man 🙂

  254. Hey DCE, I saw your site Underground Christian Bands. I saw that you said that Sacred sounds like Tool & Chevelle. I say, more tool :). Still though, I like tool, but I want a band that has the similar sound of Chevelle & much nicer lyrics than Chevelle’s. Either way, thanks for christian band that has the Tool sound :). I also saw that Staynlic sounds like Staind & Creed. Your right, but Staind has a very hard guitar. That’s my kind :). I like one song a least :). Hope your link gets though soon :). Love that hard guitar rockin sound, don’t you? Please read my other notes if you can. Thanks 🙂

  255. Still, I love the hard rock sound from many bands like Breaking Benjamin, Nine Inch Nails(people say it’s hard to find a substitute for them, DCE, would you know one?), Three Days Grace(I have Decyfer Down, any others christian substitutes for this band?), Green Day(mainly their guitar, their lyrics don’t have that christian feel(plus they’re EXPLICIT)), Korn(I don’t like gothic sounding bands that much, their guitar is mainly the thing I like, their lyrics, no way(plus EVERY album is explicit), Chevelle(this band is my main priority, their guitar is FANTASTIC, the lyrics didn’t have that christian feeling either, DCE, you still have that link right(I checked your Underground Christian Bands site, but all I found was Considered Rubbish, but I can’t find it :(, Tool(found a band that does sound like it, but I’m sorry, I want MORE, love the christian band that sounds like them, just wish there’s more :), Staind(also found a band for this, but it sounds more like Creed slightly, is there any others?), Crossfade(I liked this band, great guitar, but not so good lyrics :(, A Perfect Circle(great guitar, I forgot if lyrics were bad or not :(. Well, DCE, PLEASE read my other notes. If there’s anyone else, PLEASE help!!! Thanks and please write back if you can soon DCE

  256. Hey DCE or anybody, do you know a site or something where I could type a secular hard rock band name(really hope it could be a band I know, look at my first few notes to see what I mean) & get back a list or any christian hard rock artist. I thought this would maybe be much easier. I’m starting to think that you DCE, only reply on the weekends. I don’t know this for sure, but that’s fine if you do. You can still tell me christian hard rock artists similar to other hard rock artists, but I thought a site that could let me type a secular hard rock artist in & get back a list or any christian hard rock artist would be good and maybe much easier for you. Thanks

  257. I still couldn’t find a website or a response from someone :(. I’ll keep checking. Hopefully, it will be very soon. Thanks

  258. Hey man sorry about the late reply. I am not sure if anyone gets on this anymore and I don’t have a lot of time to get on myself. I go to college and own a construction business so as you can imagine, I am very busy. The best I can tell you is go to both of my sites. I hardly update them anymore, but they have a lot content (years worth). The first is http://www.christianbandsyoushouldknowabout.blogspot.com and http://www.undergroundchristianbands.com

    Get on there and just search around. This might be the last time I reply for a while.

    God bless

  259. I’m pretty glad you’ve replied. Sorry, if I rushed you, I was pretty sure you’re
    busy. Anyway, I have seen both websites. I like them both. Either way, I have some pretty good christian hard rock bands. So, If you ever get the time, please read my first few notes or the ones with the list of the secular bands I know and would like to find substitutes for. Still though, i’m dissapointed that i can’t find the other bands like Considered Rubbish or Flood23, i’m using a Apple device to find the music f.y.i. No rush or anything. I’ll still be here if you do reply soon. Ok, thank you and much more.

  260. Oh, and the reason I’m using this site is because I thought maybe someone could help me. I’ve tried YahooAnswers but people keep saying that Chevelle, Alter Bridge, & Creed are christian. That could be true, but they never admit it. If you know a better site, please remind me when you get the chance. All I want is to find CHRISTIAN substitutes for those bands I said. I might have some that sound like them, but I don’t think all. I’ll do you sites, but if you know any other site, please tell me soon. Thank you.

  261. Hey, looks like Pastor Grogan approved you’re links :). Funny thing is I KNOW both bands. Good bands. Though, I did go back to your Underground Christian Bands & I saw a couple but, I just can’t seem to find those bands. This could be the last comment I make until your back or whatever. Thank you & much more.

  262. Nuts :(, still can’t find a website. I like your websites DCE, but one, your blog doesn’t have a search browser(not that it matters) & two, I couldn’t find the bands Flood23 & Considered Rubbish. Do they have another name? I found Argyle Park though their other name AP2. So, do they have another name or at least anyone who knows this. Thanks anyway.

  263. I found one band called Moderndayjohn. Pretty cool :). It’s sorta like a little Creed mixed with sorta rap & very hard rock :). Hey, anybody know any very hard rockin christian bands. So far I’ve found a lot. Still wish there’s more similar to hard rock bands I might know. Thanks. Oh and thanks for those websites & options DCE.

  264. Hey, check out my new blog. Hope someone can join. Anyone :). Ok, thanks 🙂

  265. You should check out for today too. Their song pariah is great. I’ve heard that they sound like five finger death punch.

  266. I haven’t been on in a while. If anyone is present and knows any good christian hard rock bands, please tell me.

  267. Oh and if any is present, you don’t happen to know a good christian substitute for Chevelle, do you? I’ve got several more to ask. Ok, just wondering. P.S. to DCE(if still on), I know you said Sacred sounds like Chevelle, but they sound a little more Tool-ish. Ok, thank you

  268. Oh, and if there is a good christian hard rock band that sounds like Chevelle(even just guitar counts), please tell me. Also, I really don’t like death metal style screaming or even too much screaming because it ruins the beauty or whatever of their lyrics. Thanks

  269. DCE(if your still here), your blog with those post-grunge, alternative, hard rock, indie, & more bands are awesome. Too bad I can’t find some of them on iTunes :(. But, Everdown, amazing band. 🙂 Cool blog

  270. AndreaMPena Says:

    Check out mutemath, beckah shae, mindrage, and don’t forget jars of clay.

    I’m brain storming the bands I used to listen to back in the day…back in the day in Slidell, LA we had this Christian music store that sold music of every genre ever. Mostly concentrated on the youth. Christian techno, dance, rap, r&b, country, pop, hardcore, contemporary, punk, bluegrass…you name it. The store was called brain washed..there was a scripture behind it about renewing of the mind…But the world would label Christians to be brain washed…lol

    Holy soldier, white cross, extol, ultra beat, world wide message tribe

  271. AndreaMPena Says:

    Mortal — nine inch nails

  272. billy Says:

    Do you have a suggestion for a christian equivalent Of Disturbed and Five Finger Death Punch?

  273. Victor Says:

    Delirious, Days of Fire, Skillet are the best !!! (to me)
    Awesome article!!!

  274. Aaron Says:

    Anyone know of any Beastie Boys equivalents? Not Lecrae, T-Bone or any of those guys. Beastie Boys were more than just rap and I’m looking for something similar.

  275. ChristianHardRockGuy2# Says:

    Hey guys :). Wow, it’s been such a long time. Anyway, mortal is ok. If DCE is back on, I’m still here. Well, most of the time. Yeah, if you want to help, who knows some good christian alternative metal, nu metal, or post-grunge bands? It’s been tricky finding some.

    Ok, thanks :).

  276. ChristianHardRockGuy2# Says:

    I found one good christian alternative metal band. It’s called Embodyment. They were death metal before, but their albums The Narrow Scope Of Things and Hold Your Breath are good.

  277. OldTimer Says:

    …Where’s the tool?

  278. We as Human, Under Oath, For Today, Emery are harder bands worth looking at.

  279. This ‘stupid’ website costed me hundreds. <.< Thank you!!

    NF – Eminem

    Other Great christian artists:
    Andy Mineo (Mexican Rap)
    Social Club

  280. Haha, love this article. There actually are some great comparisons. Jacob, (above me) made a great connection between NF and Eminem, one of NF’s songs I thought was Eminem’s until recently. I think Needtobreathe sounds like Switchfoot combined with Young the Giant sometimes and other times it’s sounds a tad like the old Mumford. A little off topic but I really like twenty one pilots because they have a lot of Christian messages in them, but pretty much every person between the ages of 10-25 listens to them, no matter if they are Christian or not.

  281. Oh, and Jeremy Camp sounds like Nickelback

  282. Christianhardrockguy3X Says:

    Hi There, Just Wondering If You Guys Know Any Good Christian Alt-Metal, Nu Metal, Post-Grunge or Grunge(Nirvana or Foo Fighters type), or Hard Rock(stuff like APC, Chevelle type stuff)

    I’m Not Interesting In Too-Much-Screaming Metal-Type bands like Norma Jean or Underoath.

    OK Thank You

  283. Hi There, Just Wondering If You Guys Know Any Good Christian Alt-Metal, Nu Metal, Post-Grunge or Grunge(Nirvana or Foo Fighters type), or Hard Rock(stuff like APC, Chevelle type stuff)

    I’m Not Interesting In Too-Much-Screaming Metal-Type bands like Norma Jean or Underoath.

    OK Thank You

  284. I am looking for the same so if you find any and stuff like tool or System of the down please email me

  285. OH, And Sorry Bout The Double Post. This Device Is Flimsy Sometimes.

  286. THANK YOU!! I was listening to some garbage from my old days because I was craving the beat but I was hating the lyrics. It crossed my mind – “is there ANYONE that sounds like this in the Kingdom?” Bay-yum! You rock! Thanks again. I’m sharing this BTW.

  287. I realize the questions I’m asking doesn’t relate to hard rock music but can anyone tell me any good Christian music similar to stuff like Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Mishka, or any like underground (not mainstream) acoustic/folk singer-songwriter music? Thanks!

  288. I would like to know of any christian groups that are similar to Red Hot Chili Peppers or Jane’s Addiction. Does anyone know of any? Thanks 🙂

  289. Chris gentry Says:

    I’m a big rush fan. Signals is my favorite album by rush. Is there any Christian progressive rock bands that sounds just like rush?

  290. Chris gentry Says:

    I’m a big rush fan. Ain’t nothing like geddy lee Alex lifeson and Neil peart together. Are the tightest group (always in time) when they play. Signals is my favorite album and don’t forget 2112. Is there a Christian progressive rock band that comparable to rush?

  291. elvenkingx1 Says:

    I’ve been into Christian rock and metal for a long time, and I can’t think of a band that sounds anything like Rush. Tourniquet is very progressive, but it’s more on the metal to thrash continuum. Phil Keaggy also had a lot of progressive elements, but he’s more soft rock although his early material was somewhat psychadelic. Many compare him to Paul McCartney and his guitar playing is jazzy similar to Django Rheinhardt. You may appreciate Randy Stonehill’s lyrics, but he’s mostly acoustic. Guardian may come close in some respects, but they’re closer to glam metal. Of course there’s later Kansas and Kerry Livgren, and Mastedon, featuring former Kansas singer John Elefante.

  292. Life House is a Christian band too!

  293. And so is Daughtry!

  294. thanks SO much! ill look into these soon and im sure some will be a hit! im into fall out boy,my chemical romance, and panic at the disco,and im trying to find christian alternatives,and all my parents know are really laid down bands that could put me to sleep.

  295. This really helped i needed some help with finding some christian bands with the sound of slipknot

  296. Check out a page on facebook called Christian Metal Society. You’ll find all types of metal bands there and you can ask questions and get suggestions from metalheads who may have a similar to slipknot suggestion. https://www.facebook.com/ChristianMetalSociety/

  297. Do you know any Christian singer that belts it out like LP-her new songs I like are “Lost on You”, and “Muddy Waters”.

  298. […] Who sounds like who comparisons – secular bands & Christian bands […]

  299. Any that sound like Neil young that u know of?

  300. […] Who sounds like who comparisons – secular bands & Christian bands […]

  301. Woodysigrist Says:

    Thanks for listening to good Christian music and secular to know what sounds similar and posting up!!!

  302. Pat Farmer Says:

    My 13 year old son likes techno club remixes. Any suggestions for that? Thanks!

  303. Pat, try Capital Kings or Hillsong Young & Free. See if he likes those.

  304. Rose & Jeanne, the closest sounding Christian artist to Neil Young that I can think of is the late Larry Norman (but that is stretching it still)

  305. I get +appreciate what U all are saying, but it drives me nuts how almost everything we do, see, think + hear is placed into a CATEGORY, especially bands being described as Christian or Non-Christian. Certainly not a description God would apply, and categorizing, must drive musicians on both sides nuts. Limits their intended and deserved exposure and audience. Example: Recently 1 of my favorite “Christian” band’s song was sang on The Voice, and in many different places+posts I saw MercyMe (Song=I Can Only Imagine) described as “Country+Gospel+Evangelical”. Which really does not describe them accurately at all, especially since most of their songs do not sound “country” at all. Sadly, many uninformed/unaware/ignorant people wrongly assume all Christian music must fall into only those 3 limiting categories. (Obviously they’ve never heard any of the many, great “metal hard rock” Christian songs. And when you start hearing discussions about bands that “crossed over”, it’s almost always implying something negative like, that Christian band went mainstream, so now they no longer can (fill in the blank) – Hope in my lifetime somebody from either side reaches the #1 spot on a chart they did not “belong” on. Maybe then, in every other aspect of our lives, (EG. Politics) our barriers/walls will lessen, and become more like “the infinite mercy and love of God”. As Bruce Lee said, “Become like water my friend”.

  306. You did a great job with who each of these bands sound like. Very accurate. Thanks so much!

  307. Autumn Says:

    I’m in need of a band that sounds like “powerwolf” my special needs kid thought it was singing to GOD and I heard it an kinda freaked out yelling no no no because I realized it was singing against GOD so my kid is upset now

  308. Nice list. These are good references.

    The Violet Burning is an indie/alternative band that has a lot of Christian influence in their lyrics, and are typically referred to as a Christian band. They sound like The Cure, The Smashing Pumpkins, and U2 thrown together.

  309. Konijntje Says:

    Are there any Christian bands like GG Allin & The Murder Junkies? I really enjoyed their music and live performances, but I always wished GG Allin would praise the Lord more in his lyrics.

  310. Thank you so much! This has helped greatly. I listen to a wide variety of music, but my favourites are Disturbed and Metallica, so it is fantastic to know what to look for. Truly appreciated.

  311. NYVES is similar to Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode

  312. Gary Breese Says:

    I am looking for a guide for “if you listen to these secular bands you will like these christian bands”. In older posts you mentioned Interlinc, is that site still running and what is it’s address exactly

  313. pastorjgrogan Says:

    Yes, it’s interlinc-online.com

  314. What you posted was actually very logical. However, think on this,
    what if you added a little content? I ain’t suggesting
    your information isn’t solid., however what if you added something that grabbed people’s attention? I mean Who
    sounds like who comparisons – secular bands & Christian bands | PastorJGrogan’s Blog is
    a little plain. You should peek at Yahoo’s home page and watch how they create article
    titles to get people to click. You might try
    adding a video or a pic or two to grab people interested about everything’ve got to say.

    Just my opinion, it might make your blog a little bit more interesting.

  315. Response to Answer Says:

    Answer, this blog is a bit old. Just saying.

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